Does globalization effect the rental car market?

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How has globalization helped the the rental car business or has it at all?  I believe globalization has helped business in the US in many ways.  Robert L. Thompson, in an article says, “Globalization has been a great benefit to rural America in that it has opened overseas markets for its agriculture.”

I think that globalization has helped in more good ways than bad.  This is generally the way things seem to work.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice some little things for the big things.  For example, people say that globalization affects America negatively because it takes away jobs.  Well how could we live without the technology and resources that we now have.

The world has advanced phenomenally in the last century because of globalization.  Companies can use countries like China as there source for many of there products and resources in order to profit in big numbers.  These companies can use cheap source that helps them create amazing products that will benefit america in multiple ways and not have to spend near the amount of money they would if they bought the products here.  We can also share the knowledge we gain with other countries and they can do likewise.

About a week ago I realized that I needed a microphone for my i pod.  So I started looking on the internet.  I found a mic that was very cheap and it looked really cool.  It was small and did the job.  It was located in Hong Kong, China.  The shipping was only a dollar and the mic was hardly any more.  It was only three dollars total to purchase the mic and have it shipped to my house.  I then realized that because of the exchange rate between China and America that we are able to buy things at very low cost and still make the other person happy.  This works because America’s dollar is worth about seven and a half times what China’s dollar is worth.  So if you think about it, I bought the mic for only three dollars but when all was said and done the seller in China, once converted, received about 22 Hong Kong dollars.  He was probably pretty happy with his sale and I, of course was very happy with the little amount of money that I spent to purchase the mic.

People in America are able to buy things from other countries, especially China, and sell them here or use them here in America at very low cost.  This can help many companies and consumers.  It doesn’t seem to make a difference for those renting cars and if it did we would end up renting cars that would normally be out of our realm.   Take a look for yourself.

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