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Does globalization effect the rental car market?

Posted On Mar 9 2016 by

How has globalization helped the the rental car business or has it at all?  I believe globalization has helped business in the US in many ways.  Robert L. Thompson, in an article says, “Globalization has been a great benefit to rural America in that it has opened overseas markets for its agriculture.” I think that globalization has helped in more good ways than bad.  This is generally the way things seem to work.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice some little things for the big things.  For example, people say that globalization affects America negatively because it takes away jobs.  Well …

Welcome to Car Rental In Atlanta

Posted On Feb 23 2016 by

In need of the best rate for a rental car in Atlanta?  You are in the right place.   We are here to guide you to the right place and give advice and tips when locking in your rental car.  There are a variety of facts and info about renting a car that most people are unaware of.  The majority of rental car companies require that you are 25 years of age or older to rent a car.  This is probably the most surprising requirement that eliminates your eligibility when trying to rent a car.   Almost all Rental car companies …